The Kreuzberg Academy of Nerdery and Tinkering, or KANT, is the home and lab of Alper Çuğun, Will Perkins, Matt Patterson and Peter Bihr.

We updated our offerings!

A quick update - after a long time, we updated our list of service offerings to reflect both our past collaborations and the kind of work we’re most interested in for the future.

As always, we’re all individual agents (or companies), but we do like to collaborate and tackle thorny challenges together. Check out the list of “default” offerings, or just get in touch to discuss other ways of working together!

Week 54

Matt here. Christmas is fast approaching, here at KANT HQ (and, I guess, everywhere else). It always gets crazy in the run up to Christmas and this week is no exception. Read on, friend, Mince Pie (or Stollen) in one hand, Glühwein in the other, with Santa hat on head. Or something.


This week I launched the UIKonf Call for Proposals, although I’m still working on Vestibule. There should be more stuff happening with Vestibule as we implement and the things we need for the end of the CfP, and see about integrating those back into Vestibule-proper (if that makes sense). It’s been great working with the Ruby Manor team on this. Hopefully at the end, Vestibule will be much easier for other people to use for their own conference.

The big announcement from me this week is that I’ve joined as a developer. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work with a great team (including some old friends) on really great stuff. We’ve got a lot of exciting things in the works.

I’ll be starting in January, so I won’t be around here as much, although I’ll be keeping my desk at KANT because, really, this is the closest to a shed-equivalent workspace I’m going to get in Berlin… ;-)


As the year is coming to an end, everybody’s cramming in all the meetings and proposals. I’m guilty of that myself, too. After all, it feels good to line up all the interesting things to tackle once everybody comes out of the holidays.

For ThingsCon we’ve started the early bird ticket sales, and could already announce the first four speakers - a lineup that makes me very happy indeed: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, Brady Forrest, Louisa Heinrich and Matt Webb are all going to be there, and we’re lining up more excellent folks from around the world right now. Also, Call for Proposals - send us your ideas!

On Monday, Brady Forrest and Saroya Whatley were in town as part of a global road show for hardware incubator Highway1. That was a great occasion to have a meetup, so Martin kindly offered to set up an Internet of Things meetup, and we proceeded from there to a nice dinner of ramen over chats of hardware, Berlin, Silicon Valley and China. Despite the cold and rainy day, good fun all around.

Tuesday, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung hosted a debate about the European Digital Agenda. It was great to hear Susan Crawford's experiences running the Obama transition team for science and technology, as well as switching carreers several times along the way.

Throughout the week, plenty of miscellaneous meetings about collaborations on SAMALANDER, a potential (but unlikely) book, friends switching jobs, virtual assistants.

One more week this year that looks kind of similarly packed, then it’s the end of the year already. So let’s get to it!


Got a second hand phone to commemorate the legend that is Nokia hardware

This week was highly intensive. We’re doing a couple of big projects at the end of the year and for that I had Kars over from Utrecht for four days of ideation, playing around and concepting here in Berlin.

Kars at Work

We tried to keep a low profile between the packed days of work but we still managed to go to the IoT Meetup, Sauercrowd, a sauerkraut making flashmob, the Alt Tech Talks drinks (organized by KANT alumnus Chris Eidhof) and the Wigwam Christmas do. For the rest the week was focussed on pushing forward the projects for client meetings next week and keeping our strength up by eating and drinking really good Kreuzberg food.


Week 53


We’re slowly settling into a winter rhythm in the office and I am writing this on a Friday when Berlin is being hit by the first snow of the winter thanks to storm Xaver.


So we’re in for the long Berlin winter and none of us will be spending much time outside anymore except for the occasional visit to a Weihnachtsmarkt. It’s a good time to get a lot of stuff done.


I’ve been preparing our engagements while at the same time pushing out a release for an iPad app we’re making. For the rest I was busy with small things, writing, administration, fighting with Vodafone, fighting with Congstar, getting a new chair, getting a new iPhone. I visited the Talk & Play event here in Berlin organized by Lorenzo which is a great event where you get to play a lot of early stage games.

Upgraded the desk a bit further

Martin should be back this weekend and we hope that the weather won’t be too much of a shocker for him. The next couple of weeks we’ll have a full complement before everybody is off to their respective holiday destinations.


It’s been a crazy week - since announcing ThingsCon over on my blog, we’ve been having tons of conversations about the event, the larger community and the overall emerging ecosystem. Let’s just say this looks like it might be a big one - it most certainly is great fun. We’re still sorting out the logistics, but we’ll have a ton of announcements (and also a limited early bird ticket sale) very soon.

Since it’s the single-most asked question, this is the mental model we use to define ThingsCon’s target audience: Beyond amateur, but not quite arrived at large-scale mass market production.

ThingsCon target audience Our mental model of who ThingsCon is for.

In related news, check out Makerland and Solid, two more very promising events around hardware/IoT/connected devices (one more aimed at tinkerers, one more at the industrial end of the spectrum). I’ll definitely try to go to both.

Also in related news, Brady Forrest is going to be in town. We met back in his Web 2.0 Expo days, I believe, but these days he’s VP of hardware accelerator Highway1 and stopping over in Berlin as part of a roadtrip for Highway1. We wanted to get together a group for a meetup of sorts, and Martin kindly agreed to move the IoT Meetup up a bit. So come swing by, but make sure to sign up first.

UIKonf, NEXT and SALAMANDER are chugging along at various speeds but with few announcements: At this stage, it’s all behind-the-scenes work.

ISELIN, after some supplier-related issues is picking up steam: It looks like we found not one but several production partners, and can now work with them to figure out the tricky details. At last!

At a Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) event on equalification, I joined a panel about how digitization changes society, challenges and opportunities, the whole range. Pretty interesting to chat with people from a largely “professional education” kind of background as opposed to the often tech or business driven peer group of ours.

Last week, I also found a beautiful package in my mail that I forgot to mention here: The new Alpine Review is out! And like the first one, it isn’t just gorgeous, but chock-full with in-depth, inspiring, stimulating articles.

The Alpine Review - Returns The Alpine Review issue 2 is out.

I also got myself a bitcoin wallet as well as a Jawbone UP activity tracker to go hands-on with both. Writeups of the experience soon. Like back when I did my 23andme DNA sequencing, I find it helps in all our discussions to actually have first hand experience with things rather than just talk about the theory. So in the name of science, more gadgets!


This week has been almost all about UIKonf, and getting ready for our open, anonymous, Call for Proposals. I’ve been continuing my work on Vestibule and that’s getting pretty close to being finished.

I also gave a lightning talk at December’s Rug::B about using Bower with Rails. I’ll pop the slides — such as they were — up early next week. There was video too, I’ll find out where and you can all watch me gurn…

Week 52

Most of us have been traveling (Alper in NYC, Martin in Australia, I in India), so that we skipped a few weeknotes. So here’s what happened in week 52:


After a couple of weeks of near solitude in the office, Peter and Alper are back. After recovering from the shock of seeing another human in the office I’m reminded that there are Things to Report.

Stillpoint Spaces, aka Nieuwerkerk, has launched. Stillpoint Spaces helps connect Counsellors with people seeking counselling, providing a secure space for voice- and video-based online counselling. It was built in collaboration with Upstream Agile for Stillpoint, who provided the design muscle themselves.

This week I’ve mostly been working on Vestibule, the system developed by the lovely Ruby Manor folks. We used a modified version of it for the CfP of UIKonf, and for UIKonf 2014 we thought it would be nice to work with Murray, James & co to make Vestibule easier to use for your own event.

While I was locked in here on my own I spent a lot of time working on Iselin, up to my neck in PDF specifications and trying to implement a PDF/X generator built on the Prawn Ruby library. That went well, and we’re continuing to look for a Digital Print company to work with us to make Iselin happen. Get in touch if that’s you!


After a truly epic company outing to New York (first and second notes for that) I came back to a cold and grey Berlin.

This week I spent a lot of time diving into the business administration of Hubbub. There’s load more to optimise there but I spent most of my time preparing the last two engagements of 2013 for what is turning out to be a rather splendid year.

For the rest I spent a lot of time editing the videos we shot for our game design workshop at the Mozilla Festival. Video editing speech is extremely time consuming but I think the result has been worth it. That should be due out next week after we cross the ts and dot the is.


Now that I’m back from a nice, long vacation in India it’s time for the final sprint for 2013. I had lots of catching up to do to get my inbox back under control.

Chris, Matt and Max kept UIKonf going strong while I was gone, so I got up to speed this week.

Things logo

Another event I’m super excited about is something together with Max (yes, same max as UIKonf) and Simon of Knowable: Things, a 2-day event on the future of hardware business (hardware as in connected devices, Internet of Things, New Manufacture, 3D printing, etc.). It’s an extremely interesting space with so much energy, and finally we got around to at least announcing the dates (2-3 May 2014, Berlin). More info on Things soon at While the DNS records are still propagating, I invite you over to my blog where I wrote up why we’re putting together Things, and why now.

Together with my involvement at NEXT Berlin, this turns May into a bit of a scheduling nightmare/masterpiece, with Things on May 2nd & 3rd, NEXT Berlin 5th & 6th, and UIKonf 14th & 15th.

If things work out, I’ll pack my suitcase right after for a trip to San Francisco, but that’s not quite confirmed just yet. Either way, March to May I won’t be bored, that much is for sure.

Projects SALAMANDER and ISELIN at chugging along at different speeds. For SALAMANDER we’re sorting out organizational stuff; at ISELIN we need to find a new provider. Turns out it’s not easy to find a highly specialized, engaged and ambitious printer for a tricky piece of production, especially since we’d like to work with independent printers in either Berlin or London. We’re on it!

There’s also a ton of stuff going on in early stages and back channel conversations that I’m not prepared to talk about just yet, but it’s going to be an exciting few weeks and months ahead.

Topics I’m mulling over a lot these days: hardware and connected devices, a digital agenda, printing, traveling, personal analytics, forms of organization.

And now, off to the weekend with you. See you all Monday!


Week 48


I was the only one in the office for most of last week. Peter and Martin both went away, and Alper wasn’t yet back (he got back today). In addition to sitting alone and weeping quietly, I mostly spent my time working on Heck, Iselin, and Nieuwerkerk, and also with UIKonf 2014 planning, where we announced our first two speakers, Michele Titolo & Max Seelemann.

Iselin has been especially tough recently - without giving too much away, trying to find people who can help with a very particular kind of print-on-demand has proved tricky. If you’re a digitial printer and you’re interested in working with us on a fun print-based project, you should drop us a line…


So last week I spent working from Hubbub HQ in Utrecht. My Monday was spent mostly summarizing our London trip from the week before in the Hubbub weeknotes. Peter has a good overview of our visit to the GDS team as well.


The rest of the week was spent moving Hubbub projects forward more on which in this week’s notes. We’re busy making things releaseworthy before our upcoming trip to NYC (for PRACTICE). The rest of the year is also filling up nicely with engagements which need to be prepared before we can set our sights on 2014.

Pope mobile

I had an in person meeting with my board for Open State which was a nice change from the hangouts we were used to. Our foundation is growing and shifting with both the organization and the board taking on new roles and responsibilities. Despite all of this we still keep things rather low key.

Board meeting Open State

Friday I hopped the last ICE heading to Berlin (via Duisburg) which sort of is the most comfortable way to do this stretch, the layover being just long enough and at the right moment to catch a quick bite. Waking up in my own home in Berlin on Saturday was rather nice and I managed to push out the last iOS6 compatible update for Cuppings (which is still selling rather briskly) that day.


Week 47

I’m in London right now for Playful with Peter and the presentations thusfar have been utterly brilliant. I’m very glad we came, but this also means there’s hardly any time for these notes. So, very quickly while running through London:


Even though the week started with a visit to the dentist at 8am on Monday morning, it turned out an excellent & intense week indeed.

Over at UIKonf, we wrapped up the early bird sales. If there are still alumni out there who’d like to come back, let us know so we can still hook you up with the alumni rate, ok?

It looks like an exciting collaboration might emerge out of a conversation with Max Krüger and Simon Schäfer.

Final sprint for ISELIN. This time likely (maybe?) for real!

Had conversations with two super interesting non-profits with ambitious goals.

NEXT planning is progressing in big leaps.

A solid planning and scribbling session for SALAMANDER moved the project along a fair bit.

Upgraded my Mac from Mountain Lion to Maverick (and got extended Apple Care while I was at it). Better safe then sorry, eh?

Thursday, I headed for London for meetings, Friday This Is Playful, Saturday & Sunday Mozilla Festival.

Along the way I joined forces with Alper and Kars and we managed to sample the coffee goodness that is Prufrock, get a tour of Government Digital Services thanks to the lovely Matt Sheret (more on that in another post soon - such a fantastic story and initiative it’s mind blowing - we direly need to get other governments to follow their lead), and even learned about the connection between bio synthetics and hip hop over at Lighthouse and got to quickly say hi to Improving Reality’s curator Honor, Greg and Dan.

Some impressions of GDS:

at GDS

at GDS

at GDS

And as I’m typing this, it’s only Friday morning. Playful & Mozfest, here we come!

As a side note, my server hoster Mediatemple sadly sold to GoDaddy, which means I’ll need a new hosting service. I’m looking for something that’s as easy to handle and as closely as possible resembles their GridService shared servers. Pointers welcome!


It turns out that this was the last full week before heading out for a month in Australia, where I’ll spend some time at assorted beaches and generally will be glad to have fled the dreaded grey Berlin November. But as these kinds of travels go, the run-up is always hectic. This week started out in Helsinki, where I held my guest lecture at the Aalto Media Factory on Home Automation, the Internet of Things and how all kinds of players seem to not fully understand what users expect of solutions in that space - mainly, they don’t buy “platforms”, and their default state is one of indifference towards the underlying technical solutions that the industry likes to showcase. (The slides for which can be found over at SpeakerDeck).

And as luck would have it, my laptop stopped working just after the lecture, which made the rest of my stay in Helsinki somewhat less pleasant that I had initially imagined it would be, and meant that Tuesday was spent getting to the bottom of why it stopped working and repairing a faulty HDD connector cable. But: it went on to show the value of a good backup regime, as I didn’t lose any data at all. I’ll just put this down as an exercise in Business Continuity.

Wednesday saw a flurry of conference calls, organising assorted issues with EyeHub - certainly the most important of which is the HackDay we’re organising on Nov 16. at the University of Surrey. Wednesday also saw the 5th iteration of the #IoTBerlin Meetup where we were lucky enough to have Fabienne Serriere present Orchidarium, and Pieter Snoeck showcase the work he’s doing with Electric Imp.

The rest of the week was spent with admin, general preparation for being on the road for over a month, and, naturally, more conference calls.


My week will be detailed a bit more in the Hubbub notes of next Monday but Kars and I headed to London early this week to first give a brief at the RCA, then tour the GDS and now we’re at Playful. This will all culminate this weekend when we hold a session at Mozilla Festival and I fly out to Amsterdam on Sunday evening.

Week 46

While global politics were going particularly crazy - even for global politics standards - and we might just have dodged another bullet (for now), here at KANT time flew as we were all busy shipping stuff, sick or recovering (Matt, get better soon!), traveling, or preparing for soon-to-come holidays.

Let’s take it one by one.


I got my camera back this week which was just two days too late to be able to document our adventures in a wildlife park just outside of Berlin, but I’m still happy to be able to capture the changes happening around due to the change of seasons and owners in Kreuzberg.


I had a nice update with KANT alumnus Chris and got myself an iPad mini as well for the Beestenbende conversion we are starting this week. That is going to be a quick and fun project.

Yarning at the Barn

On Wednesday I dropped by Betahaus for a fishbowl on Product Ownership. Most of this is familiar territory but it was good to see who something like this pulls into Berlin and what their motivations are.


I’ve also spent time testing out some of the more pernicious casual games out there and as far as I can tell, success in this business mostly does not depend on game design in the limited sense. The games are ridiculously simple but the rule systems designed around them turn them into money making casinos.

Trying out Find Something

I’m preparing a slide deck for a briefing we are going to give next week at the RCA. Our trip to London is jam packed with work and appointments as it is, so I’m looking forward to that a lot.

Sprinkled leaves


Back when in university, I always used to quip that the movie character I could most relate to was the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. (Although the German version of “no time, no time” seemed to relate much better than “I’m late, I’m late”.) This week, I’m reminded of this, as time seemingly has regained the odd capacity to contracting at will, having made this week fly by (seriously, how is it Friday again already?)

Anyway, after last week almost fully dedicated to EyeHub, this week was mostly catching up with FORT WORTH and delivering the first units of work for GARLAND. Additionally, I moderated a panel on Wednesday for Withings and started preparing for my lecture at the Aalto Media Factory on Monday, where I’ll be speaking about connected devices and the mismatch between which roles users see them have in their homes, and what companies aspire to (also: how should designers deal with that mismatch.)

All that was peppered with a couple of meetings and conference calls in-between. The most surprising, for me, is that the interest in the Internet of Things seems to be spreading beyond the industries I traditionally looked at, and is coming from regions I didn’t even have on my mental map for this.


Much progress at UIKonf:

  • First of all, once more thanks to all of those out there who already bought their conference ticket. For a small indie event like UIKonf, cashflow can be a real pain in the early stages, and thanks to your trust and vote of confidence (aka “buying tickets”) our lives as event organizers are much easier.
  • Second, we still have some early bird tickets, even though we’ll be closing the early bird phase soon-ish. If you attended UIKonf last year and would like to join again, please let us know for a special alumni rate. You know how to reach us.
  • Third, our committed and diligent and overall awesome event manager Max has returned from a longer stint across Africa. Welcome back! Fourth, and you’ll hear about this many more times (if we do a good job, that is): We’ll start another Call for Proposals like last year, but with more time. And we’d like to stress that we’d particularly love to see more diversity on stage. No matter where you’re from and what your gender, please do keep an eye on our site for the start of the Call for Proposals, and spread the word. Kkthxbai!

Turns out November is chock-full with awesome events and with potentially awesome gigs and activities; alas (also: yay!) I’ll be on vacation, so I’ll have to pass up many of these opportunities. But such is life, and I’m not going to complain about a long-planned holiday with M.

NEXT, SALAMANDER and ISELIN are all chugging along nicely; nothing to report.

Wednesday, at the mobile health event by Withings and BASE_Camp that Martin hosted, it was good to see Withings move more aggressively into the German market, and to see that there’s really a solid little scene around mhealth/ehealth/health tech/body tracking emerging in Berlin. (Reminder, something we at KANT also took a closer look at before.)

The rest of the time I tried my best to keep an impeding cold at bay; so far, more or less successfully. Fingers crossed!

Today is more or less going into all-day meetings, which might lead to some more announcements soon, but for today just mean lots of interesting conversations.

As a side note: Next week, former collaborator Chris Knappick is going to be in town for his company Shutterstock. He wants to meet the locals, particularly mobile devs and startup folks. Who’s around Oct 23/24? Feel free to ping him on Twitter.

Enjoy your weekend!


Week 45


We put UIKonf 2014 tickets on sale this week, which is brilliant. There’s been quite a bit of UIKonf-related work to do, plus some more Nieuwerkerk tweaks, plus various meetings.

I spent a couple of days getting Iselin working end-to-end, which means I can spend some time next week on polish and refining the visual design.

The Fluent CfP closed and I’m now reviewing proposals. Lots of proposals.


The dominating theme for the week certainly was UIKonf. We relaunched the site, started alumni and early bird sales, reached out to a first wave of potential speakers and are preparing the open call for proposals. Among, well, all the other things that need doing for a conference. Seeing the wave of ticket orders — more than half a year in advance! — and getting all the positive feedback is overwhelming. Thanks so much, everyone!

Based on feedback, we’re iterating on SALAMANDER’s details - comms, business plan, prototypes. Still a long way to go, so let’s get to it.

NEXT Berlin is making nice progress, which at this stage means teams working in parallel, touching base regularly. Besides the usual behind-the-scenes conversations needed to get a big conference off the ground, this manifests in various shortlists being drafted, conference calls and threaded email conversations.

At last ISELIN, after a series of minor delays, might come alive very soon. Admittedly, this being mostly a playful fun project we sometimes have to prioritize other things. Still, it’s getting there.

One night, I sketched down some notes on what I think should be high priority on the Digital Agenda for the 21st Century:

Notes: Digital Agenda for the 21st Century

Had great chats with the team behind Media Evolution The Conference as well as Peter Sikking and Julia Lovallo.

Also, and that’s something I’ve been thinking about for years, conversations have shown once more that to many people it’s really hard to figure out what I actually do, which has led me (via Alper) to a Ribbonfarm post about the concept of legibility as a person. Sometimes legibility (and more generally, lables) are useful, sometimes limiting. Anyway, recommended reading!


I had some interesting lunches and visits from people in Berlin. We brainstormed a bunch of concepts to prepare for upcoming engagements. I joined the networking breakfast which was interesting but not very applicable with its focus on really big casual games makers.

I delivered some of our other projects and tested our upcoming Cuppings game with rather nice results.

Another test of Cuppings and I think we did pretty well. Checking your results with the label also helps you anchor aromas in your mind.

Also I worked on archiving the visual history of our Hipchat room with spectacular results.


I spent most of the week in London for BusDev meetings and Client work. (I moderated a panel for EyeHub on Wednesday at the London Science Museum.) I always enjoy spending time in London as it tends to have a very different velocity than Berlin. (Also, where in Berlin would you find views like the one below in a startup’s office?)

View from 1 Canada Sq

Week 44

Welcome Dear Friend Of KANT,

Thursday was German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit), the holiday celebrating the German reunification. The links go to the Wikipedia pages in English and German - should you not be familiar with this one, do take five minutes to read up. It’s one of those rare really, really positive national holidays. Just to think that not even 25 years ago this country was divided seems insane today. The four of us certainly wouldn’t be sharing an office if it wasn’t for that day, and that’s a good thing all ‘round, so here’s to tearing down walls!

Of course what a bank holiday also does is make this a quite short week. Still, lots happened.

Enjoy the read and your weekend,



I got back into the swing of things at KANT with ongoing work on consulting engagement and a bunch of sales. Our quarterly OKRs were reviewed and came out rather well and we think this is just the start of our current momentum.

I attended Ignite which was a lot of fun. I’m trying to adjust to the current normal of iOS development which for us means updating most devices or in many cases actually buying or renting new ones. The Apple tax hits hard every couple of years.

Then the week was cut short by a local bank holiday after which today I’m trying to catch up with everything before heading into the weekend.


Monday / Tuesday was spent helping my wife ship her PhD thesis (Word docs and Visual Basic funtimes), and Wednesday was spent recovering, plus a little work on Nieuwerkerk. Thursday was a public holiday, and today is slated for catch up work, UIKonf 14 prep and meetings.


UIKonf website preview

The UIKonf website relaunch has been a tiny bit delayed, but the drafts look great and it’s all just about to be ready. Things are plugged into other things so things can… ah, alright, this is what’s happening: Tito (ticket sales) and Stripe (payment) are hooked up to our bank (getting to bank account live and telling us turned out to be more tricky on the bank’s side than expected, but now it works). The website is just about ready. Alumni from UIKonf 2013 should keep an eye on their inbox for email from us over the next few days. And while all this is going on, logistics are evolving already - hint: coffee supplies are secured - and that’s before our trusted event manager, good ol’ Max, is even back in the game since he’s still MIA in Mozambique.

Tuesday night, Claudia, Yasmina and I hosted Ignite Berlin - of which I just realized I didn’t take a single good photo. Again. BUT the evening was good fun, we had a full house, and the speakers were amazing. We’ll have videos and hopefully some photos soon. Until then, once more a big thank you to our speakers, our lovely location hosts at Supermarkt, the participants and of course my kick-ass co-hosts Claudia & Yasmina!

My work on BASILISK is wrapped up for now: check!

SALAMANDER is progressing slowly on the admin side of things, which gives us time to work on the product side of things. Paper prototyping time!

having fun with paper prototypes

With some tips and inspiration from Alper, I’ve started playing around with setting more explicit, measurable goals (OKRs, or “Objectives and Key Results” to be concrete, as he mentioned above). It’s good to be able to measure against explicitly stated goals.

I also learned about the Black Forest Clock Association, for reasons.

I’m lucky in that I often get quite random, sometimes lovely or simply interesting messages. This week brought a whole slew of fascinating, promising pings about potential projects. If even just a few of them come through it would be very exciting indeed. Let’s see where they all lead.

There are a few side projects that have been in the back of my mind for a bit. I’ve started to chunk them into (most likely) a series of blog posts and a simple prototype (now all these chunks are having a party on my to do list). Time to get cracking!

Oh yes, I almost forgot: Over on the Mozilla Webmaker site, the esteemed James Bridle wrote a brilliant piece that explains in very simple terms how to get a better understanding of the web at the most basic level – where the cables and buildings are located, and where our data travels: How to see through the cloud. It’s great! So I went ahead and forked and translated it to German: Die Cloud durchschauen.

Week 43

Hello everybody. It turns out I’m back finally both from a holiday in Japan and then being sick in bed with a cold for a week. Three weeks’ absence was a bit more than I bargained for, but so it goes.

Last bit of sun for the next five months

The things that happened this week:


We pulled the plug on UIKode. Part of how we work is to experiment to learn and see what works and what doesn’t. We built the prototype for UIKode to accomodate the incoming requests for iOS developers - to help match clients and devs for mutual gain. During the beta phase, UIKode didn’t find enough interest to justify keeping it online, so we discontinued the service. That’s exactly what prototypes are for!

Wednesday I spent the day in Hamburg planning NEXT Berlin 2014 with the good folks of SinnerSchrader and my fellow program director Monique van Dusseldorp. Keep an eye out for news over the next few months.

These last few days there was also some last minute prep for Ignite Berlin coming Tuesday. Doors open at 19h, program starts at 20h. Swing by!

UIKonf planning is progressing in big steps. We got our paperwork sorted out, and we’re about to relaunch the site so you can get your ticket soon.

By early next week my work on BASILISK should also be wrapped up nicely after good progress this week.

Throughout the week I also got to chat with Mike of Emissary (virtually), who are building an interesting service to tap into professional networks, and Simon of Knowable (face to face), who gave me a preview of the upcoming new Knowable - think of it as a Github for hardware projects. It looks pretty sweet indeed.


This week has been bitty: some work on Niewerkerk, some work on Iselin, and a lot of helping my wife with the Word docs of her PhD thesis. I’d forgotten what it was like working with Word tables.

In other news, I’ve joined the program committee for Fluent, which is exciting. Our CFP is still open and if you’ve got something to say about the future of the Open Web Platform, why don’t you submit a proposal!

Normal service should be resumed next week.


After spending most of Monday following up on the ramifications of the election results (and thus mostly writing off Monday) I organised the 4th #IoTBerlin Meetup on Wednesday, hosted again at IxDS, and with Philipp Mahr of awaju speaking. It’s amazing to watch this community come together.

On Thursday, more out of a sense of duty to be there, I visited the showcase of IBM’s Smart Camp program, which essentially is another StartUp incubator/accelerator program. Sometimes I wonder how sustainable this perceived glut of startup incubator programs is, and at which time it becomes a distraction for startups.

There was again a lot of activity around EyeHub, and many many meetings around upcoming projects. There’s also something to be said about the time travel planning takes up - something that I often forget to account for when planning projects. And another talk is in the progress of being written. At next week’s Ignite Berlin (You should come!) I’m going to talk about the weirdness that is the Electricity Grid. And given that the Ignite format is quite a bit different from how I usually structure my talks, this takes a bit more of preparation as well.


And as said I spent most of this week half in and half out of bed with a lot work in preparing my presentation at Retune tomorrow. I have done most of the outlining for this before and during my Japan trip already and it’s going to be a fun ride through games and what I find interesting about them.


Consulting work at Hubbub is progressing apace mostly through the heroic efforts of Kars and we’re planning a bunch more traveling this fall both to London and NYC.


Just a final note, this afternoon Chris moved out his stuff. So long and see you around often!